Bad Credit Mobile Contract Guide

The main Reason that people get refused a mobile contract is because of their credit history, having bad credit when you apply for a mobile contract will probably mean you get rejected. However it doesn’t have to be this way, with a few helpful pointers in the right direction there is no reason that you cant get accepted on a mobile contract with bad credit. Often the reason that people are rejected because of their credit is they apply through companies that add charges to their contract application or apply for a over expensive¬† contract. To avoid these pit falls you should read and try to follow our guide below. If you have never had a mobile contract before this doesn’t me you have bad credit it just mean you have little to no credit, see our home page for No Credit Check Mobile Isuess.

Our Guide

If you have bad credit then you probably already know the kind of restriction in can place on your life. With bad credit you have to always make sure that don’t apply for any thing that a company may see as beyond your means. This Still applies when you apply for a mobile phone contract. You should always try and look at you application how you think the mobile companies would, then critique it and make sure you are only applying for a contract in a price range you can afford. A lot of people first pit fall is choosing a contract they believe they can afford but a company looking at their credit history may not. We find that our user tend to get a much higher approval rate if they apply for a contract below ¬£30 per calendar month. It would seem that most peoples credit scores show they can cover this amount.

Another trap that people with bad credit can fall into when applying for a mobile contract through a third party. Third parties are companies that take contracts on the behalf of the networks, such as Phone4U, Carphone Warehouse and many more. They make money off acquiring these contracts for the networks at a cost to the network on top of the normal cost of issuing you a mobile contract. You can simply cut this cost by applying for a mobile direct with the networks and cutting out any middle man charges. You can get all and more contract that these third party site advertise direct from the networks. The best networks to apply to are Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin mobile and Three Mobile.

Other tips to improve your chance of being approved on a new mobile contract are; to apply for a SIM only contract first to build up your credit, apply for a older model of phone for higher acceptance rates, and leave at least a week before reapplying for a mobile contract.

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