HTC One Review

People who have reviewed the HTC One have expressed awe at its exquisite design. The entire phone is tooled from one piece of solid aluminum. It takes 200 minutes to carve each one. Though it is light and thin, it feels much heftier in the hand. It has a curved back to fit neatly in the palm, and angled edges to make it easier to hold. Its weight is only 5.04 ounces and it thickness is 0.36 inches. This makes it one of the lightest and thinnest phones one

The screen design is also innovative. It is a Super LCD 3 screen, 4.7 inches wide, and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. This means it has an unprecedented 468 pixels per inch. The bezels are very thin, giving more viewing area. Speakers built into the bezels give stereo sound. Their BoomSound technology gives big music listening ability unheard of in a phone. Even at high volume, sound is excellent, without distortion. There is an 88-degree wide-angle front camera for chatting. This means you don’t fill up the whole screen when video chatting. Its ImageChip 2 attached to the 4 MP rear camera uses UltraPixels to give excellent quality camera action with just the 4 MP. It has f2.0 aperture and optical image stabilization that is excellent for a phone.

There is a micro USB port that can be used as an HMI port to connect the phone directly to a TV. This can also be done wirelessly with Miracast. The power button can also be used as a remote control. The HTC One has 2 GB of RAM and either 32 or 64 GB of storage memory. It is not expandable, however. It features the Snapdragon 600 quad-core chip, with a speed of 1.7 GHz. The 2300mAh battery is adequate and consistent with keeping the size more compact.

• Even with a high pixel count, the phone only takes 8 seconds to be fully powered
• Super fast loading for all apps
• Camera take the best low-light pics of an SmartPhone
• Superb sound system
• Sharp display with extra true colors
• Poor quality video
• Ships with Android 4.1, outdated by the time it ships
• Software is of poor quality

With all the pluses and minuses, the HTC One stacks up as the ideal SmartPhone, with many retailers offering good deals, some with no credit check contracts. It tops the list in most characteristics, which makes it the phone of choice for most.

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Nokia Lumia 925 Review

lumia 925Nokia’s Lumia 925 is an improved version of their older phone handsets. It is slimmer, more ergonomic. Still, some say it is too wide to fit in most pockets. Its aluminum case is lightweight and very handsome. Its built-in camera takes excellent pictures in low light. It is at the top of their line except for the Lumia 1020, the only model Nokia has that tops the Lumia 925.

As with anything, there are pros and cons to the Nokia Lumia 925. Some of the pros include it slimmer, lighter design. It has the AMOLED high-quality screen. In addition, it comes with some awesome Nokia apps. However, users say the screen could be higher resolution for improved viewing. There is a whole list of cons users have indicated, including the size, already mentioned, which means it is too large to carry in a pocket. Though the software included is a pro, the huge amount of internal memory it consumes makes it a con as well. It does not have built-in wireless charging, though it can be obtained as an extra. It also cannot be expanded with a Micro SD card, so storage memory is limited. And, lastly, most users think it is unnecessarily expensive, however there are some great mobile phone deals out there, especially if you think your credit score may be an issue.

The Lumia 925 costs £470 without a SIM. It can be gotten for free from Vodafone, but only with an increased contract of 32GB at a charge of £34 per month.

Though this model is a quality one, for those who are really looking for an excellent camera built into their phone, they should wait for the Lumina 1020 to be released. It premium aluminum elements and quality finish make it near the look of the more expensive HTC One. Nokia further attempts to match the HTC One by limiting its colors of the Lumia 925 to the sophisticated white, black and gray. However, its sharp edges are another complaint about the body style. The camera for the Lumia 1020 is a whopping 41-megapixel. This puts it well above the 925, which is a downer for the 925 users, as they have only been at the top for six months, and will not be topped by the 1020.

The Lumia 925 has the ClearBlack filter for outdoor visibility, the Gorilla Glass 2 to resists scratches, and a highly sensitive touch screen for easy use. Its 4.5 inch WXGA screen has excellent resolution with 1280 x 768 pixels. All this combines to give it excellent viewing qualities in any light. All around, it is near perfection in SmartPhone technology.

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Review of the Blackberry Q5

The Q5 is a step down from the Q10, but with similar dimensions. Both have a keyboard, but the Q5 keyboard is not as hefty as the Q10 and often leads to errors because the keys are smaller and have a lower profile, so it is harder to hit them accurately. They do light up, however. Since it comes with a two year contract for many users, it remains to be seen if they keyboard will last theblackberry q5 entire two years.

Like most mid-range androids, the Q5 has a 1.2 GHz dual core, 2 GB of Ram, and 8 GB of memory for internal storage. The main advantage to the Q5 is its price. It appeals to budget conscious users, which are often the younger buyers. It does not appeal to the executive group like the Q10 does. It has a 720×720 screen, but lacks some in clarity and brightness as compared to the Q10. It is configured for a single person’s viewing, but with the small size and the 4:3 ratio, it is not suitable for video viewing anyway. The picture would be way too small for even single-viewer use.

The battery lasts much longer than that or other Smartphones due to the low demand of the smaller screen. It will give a full eight hours of service if used sparingly. However, with heavy use, such as gaming or checking emails and messaging frequently, it won’t make it a full eight hours. The way the BlackBerry Hub works is a big negative in the eyes of most reviewers. It does cluster emails, and social media in one place, but it is not as easy to navigate as the pull down menus of other Smartphones. It requires a lot of scrolling to navigate through everything, and close attention to details.

The 2.0 GB of memory is double what most comparable Smartphones has. It has the same screen as the more expensive Q10. However, this is no where comparable to the touch screens of other Smartphones. When accustomed to the larger touch screens, it is easy to scroll right off the screen and accidentally close an app. This can get frustrating over time. Most reviewers felt that overall, the Q5 is not worth the higher price. The case is not really sturdy, and the SIM and battery are not accessible from the back. Combined with the smaller buttons, satisfaction was not really high for this phone. There are plenty more phones out there if you are looking to get phone contracts for bad credit, just make sure you shop around to get the best deal.

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Review of the Google Nexus 4

The Google Nexus 4 is a good looking handset with slim design and very few distractions to its overall look. Though it is quite attractive, it is still not one of the best lookers. Though at first it only came in standard black, it did have a design with a disco ball effect on its back which set it apart. After its initial introduction, it became available in white.nexus4

Due to the slick appearance of the handset, it is somewhat uncomfortable to handle. It is 4.7 inches in size and can feel quite cumbersome. Its rubberized edges do make it a little easier to grasp. Though safe in the hand it is not so safe when putting it down. It can easily slide off of all but the flattest surfaces due to its slickness. It slick plastic appearing glass back makes it hard to keep it from sliding off surfaces unless they are perfectly flat.

Another negative to the Nexus 4 is that the back is not removable. This means it cannot .be expanded with micro SD expansion units. Its micro SIM is inserted through a pop-out SIM tray. The few buttons on the Nexus 4 are placed in such a manner to prevent accidently presses that can cause unwanted actions. However, it does have an aggravating tendency to respond to the hand covering the screen when using it in landscape mode for gaming, etc. This causes it to auto adjust the brightness, often at inconvenient times.

The screen is large and displays vibrant color. It has excellent movie display and makes apps easy on the eyes. The screen is 4.7 inches with a 1280 x 768 p WXGA resolution. It is only a slight bit smaller than the impressive Samsung Galaxy S3, but just as impressive. The density is higher than its rival, at 320 ppi, and is only topped by the density of the iPhone 5 with its 326 ppi Retina display. Its sharp colours makes it an ideal multimedia playback device and in general use. It is able to handle a variety of viewing angles, making it excellent for sharing video in a group with high performance.

The 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor makes it one of the most responsive handsets available. Its screen is one of the most impressive in the price range. It Gorilla Glass 2 coating gives extra protection from scratches and cracks under normal use. It has been known to crack, however, with a drop of only a slight distance.

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IPhone 4S Review

iphone4sIphone 4s built a solid market the weekend it was released by selling more than one million units. But what does this Apple phone have to offer? IPhone 4S has a dual-core A5 CPU, improved camera, iOS with new 200 features and Siri.


Iphone 4s is slim and definitely has the looks.  It is 4.5-inch in height, 2.31-inch in width and 0.37-inch in thickness. Others may complain about its glass back makes; but it makes the phone beautiful.


Iphone 4S has a 3.5-inch touchscreen with a retina display of 960 x 640.  Seeing that its competitors have impressive AMOLED screens, it would have been nicer if the was at least 4 inch.  It would have attracted those who use their portable devices mainly for work related tasks.


IPhone comes with a touchscreen keyboard for accurate and easy typing particularly for those with small hands. You can zoom photos with a simple pinch or swipe or tap to execute tasks. Sadly, those with large fingers may find it hard to navigate the keyboard but may get used to it with time.

Video and Camera

4s hosts eight megapixel camera which shoots good quality pictures. Video quality is also of high grade, shooting at 1080p30-creating bright and clear mages.

If you have iPhone 4, upgrading to 4s will be worth it.  4s is currently the greatest that iPhone has to offer. Unfortunately, as soon as 4G network starts to dominate in the UK you may have no use for it because it is not 4G enabled.

Looking to get the Iphone 4s with no credit checks?

Then you may be in luck if you don’t mind waiting for a little while. With selected networks at you can find a wide range of no credit check phones and also networks that will allow you to get a contract without being credit checked and after just 6 months of paying your bills on time will upgrade you to the IPhone 4S with out credit checking you. How amazing is that?! just go to to find out more.


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Benefits of Checking Your Credit Score

Your credit report will follow you, no matter where you are. It has the power to influence many (and usually major) aspects in your life: employment situation, housing, credit accounts that you’ve opened as well as closed ones, public records and, of course, your payment history. With good credit history, you will enjoy many benefits in regards to your home or lodging, to your car, future credits and so on. It will help you have more money in your pocket and spend less.

One’s credit file tells so much about the person. If what is on that paper doesn’t look good, you will be refused in a variety of circumstances when it comes to financing. Sure, you may still be able to get loans, but these will be at higher rates because of a bad credit report. An insurance will cost you more. Future employers will check the credit score and use it as a resume, in order to make a better evaluation of who you are.

Even if you are correct in your payments and never miss a bill, reviewing the credit is still important in order to observe if there is any inaccuracy. Errors are common to credit files and their rate can reach 70%, a result of human and computer mistakes. You could pass as a late payer when you are not such. When a negative item is reported against you, you should become aware as quickly as possible. As credit history becomes better, you will be able to get better rates and save more.

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Iphone 5s News

iphone5sDue to production difficulties, Apple’s iPhone 5S will ship at the end of September, with the supplies being pushed to the end of the autumn. Although largely resembling the iPhone 5, 5S is said to have notable upgrades: a new video mode – slow motion, higher megapixel camera, fingerprint sensor and the iOS 7 with a cleaner interface.

The first supposed photos of the 5S have revealed a golden version of the phone. One source has indeed confirmed one new color for this model. However, only the central part of the device is painted so, while the rest remains unchanged. No other changes in appearance are forecast, because Apple will work on the design only when the time of the iPhone 6 comes, in 2014.

Commercial times has claimed that Apple faced some last-minute changes as far as the 5S is concerned, which has caused the delay. The 5-inch display is being replaced with a more specious one, of 4.3 inches. The resolution is unlikely to change, but the technology behind the display can surely be upgraded. According to some rumors, the phone could even be launched with several different screen sizes. Besides the bigger screen, iPhone 5S will also have a superior processor – an A7. The hardware will benefit of a new operating system.

Production difficulties have also affected the launch of iPhone 5 the previous year. The long awaited low cost iPhone from Apple will be launched earlier in September. It will feature a plastic case available in many colors.

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Samsung S4 Mini Review

s4minidealsSamsung S4 Mini is not simply the smaller version of the brand’s powerhouse. The shrunk S4, part of the Samsung Galaxy series, has some enhanced specs as well as some lower-level ones, and comes at the rather steep price of £360 and can be obtained for free in the UK with contracts priced at £25 a month.

The Mini is not exactly the regular S4 performance packed in a smaller body. It has a dual-core processor at 1.7GHz instead of a quad-core one, 1.5GB of RAM, 8MP camera instead of 13MP. The display shrinks as well and gets to 4.3 inches, still a massive Super AMOLED, which makes it bigger than that of the iPhone, rendering the Mini name quite confusing. It comes in a plastic cover and is easy to use in just one hand. A very nice aspect is that it can be operated with a glove on. The phone body has 5 inches across.

As far as connectivity is concerned, the S4 Mini has all you could ever hope for: Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, 4G for super-fast data, NFC and infrared blaster. It does not provide an equal performance to the big S4. Customers who expect this to be as powerful or even be a step forward are set for disappointment, but the phone in itself surely has its strengths. Some of the key features have been shrunk, it’s true. Additionally, the price places this handset in the high-end area, although the specs don’t really match it. However, if you want the S4 in a smaller size with a smaller screen, you may want to consider this. This is a great phone at a great price an will appeal to a wide number of people in the market find you perfect Samsung S4 Mini deal today. This is already set to be one of the most popular phones of the year after just a few months on the market.

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What Phones Are Worth the Most Money on Recycle Sites

rcmGiven the huge number of mobile phones and the speed at which new acquisitions occur, numerous recycle centers have sprung out across the UK. Most of these can be contacted online and they will provide all that one needs to send in their used device and obtain the cash.


The amount can vary, depending not only on the chosen recycling spot, but also on the mobile phone type. Each website allows users to make a check and see how much they could get for the model they hold, but it can be best to know beforehand what to expect. Customers are frequently interested on what gets to £100 and up. Here are the phones that will get you the most money when sent to recycling:


HTC Google Nexus One is the most valuable type and will get you between £180 and £230, depending on the facility you choose.


HTC Droid Incredible stands at £150 – £190 and the HTC HD2 model will cash in a slightly lower amount but still very close to this.


For Apple’s famous iPhone, more exactly the 3GS 32G, you will obtain a sum close to £150. The 3GS 16G regularly stands at £130.


Samsung phones will bring you earnings between £130 and £180 if you have the SGH-d980, SGH INNOV8 or the SGH-u900 Soul. There are also other Samsung phones that will be valued well, usually for amounts under £130 but still worth it: Samsung Omnia 2, SGH-f700, SPH M850, SGH i200. If you own a BlackBerry Storm or a BlackBerry Bold 9700, you can easily obtain over £120.


However, lists like this only represent a snapshot, as the prices are subject to constant fluctuations.

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LG Optimus Pro G Review

The LG Optimus G Pro features the latest version of the Qualcomm processor and a high-resolution 5.5-inch screen to compete head on with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and HTC One. It’s a hefty handset measuring 150.2 x 76.1 x 9.4mm, but not too big to operate one handed, weighing 160g puts this handset firmly into the heavyweight category, but it’s far from the heaviest phone out there.

There are tons of advanced features on the LG Optimus Pro G such as the infra-red connector for use as a TV remote, QSlide allowing multiple apps to run together,a 13 megapixel camera, screen with resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, Qualcomm APQ8064T Snapdragon 600 1.7GHz processor and a whopping 3140mAh battery. There’s also a decent hi-resolution 2.1 megapixel front camera to (interestingly you can even use both cameras at the same time!) The handset even has multiple microphones and you can use the screen to zoom into audio and the phone will use the microphone nearest for its audio source.

The large screen has a Full HD resolution with a pixel density of 400ppi it’s incredibly colourful and sharp in all applications, you can’t see individual pixels now matter how hard you strain your eyes! The quad core 1.7GHz processor means the phone is fast and smoothly responsive, try as you might it’s impossible to slow this handset down, it’s very quick indeed.

Lg has been stressing recently that their new range of smartphones will have the capability of lasting a couple of days without needing to recharge, the huge 3140mAh cell fitted to this handset proves they are serious about battery life. This is a superb phone, speedy and responsive no matter what you throw at it, strong styling, quality feel, fantastic camera, amazing large screen and some neat technology like the audio zoom on the camera and infra red which makes the phone work surprisingly well as a TV remote, the facility to shoot both front and rear cameras at the same time is awesome too, you can shoot a concert and your response to it simultaneously! . None the less it’s a potentially exciting phone which we hope will reach the UK. To find this phone online with a number of other contract phone with no credit checks click here.

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