BlackBerry Z10 review

z10The new BlackBerry 10 looks great in an iPhone 5 sort of way and also features a refreshed version of Blackberry Operating System 10. Some early reviews have criticised this latest version of the operating system as being too rough around the edges, especially when compared to Android or iOS, both of which see more familiar to most users and have had many years to iron out any problems. The other problem with the Blackberry OS is the lack of apps, but hopefully this will change as BlackBerry 10 becomes more popular.

There can be no real denying that the Z10 borrows heavily from the design of the iPhone 5. Though it certainly feels different beings made from plastic and with a soft, grippy layer on the back. Though the software amy take some getting used to for those which have previously owned Anroid or Apple powered phones, once you get used to it there is little to complain about. The Z10 is very light at just 137.5g and only 9mm thick, slightly larger than the iPhone 5 but you would not notice the difference unless the handsets were placed side by side. This is one of the best designs from BlackBerry in years, minimalist and attractive, but just a bit iPhone 5ish!

The display measures 4.2 inches with a 768 x 1,280 pixel resolution, everything on this screen looks extremely crisp and sharp, it’s bright and colourful enough to go to the top of the glass along with the Galaxy S3, Nexus 4 and iPhone 5. But is the new BlackBerry 10 operating system a decent alternative to iOS and Android? Well it’s certainly brave and different, and once you have become accustomed to it does the job very well, it does all the same stuff, but differently! The browser on BlackBerry 10 is particularly good, very fast with slick and easy zooming Web pages. The on-screen keyboard is fantastic, with large, well-spaced buttons and great Autocorrect features, like the physical qwerty keyboards of conventional Blackberry’s, the Z10 is a great device for typing/texting. The BlackBerry Hub amalgamates all your communication feeds such as Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry Messenger, email etc) into one app. All networks are squished together in one chronological stream and you simply swipe to see your networks listed individually. It’s a functional system that works very well, but doesn’t look particularly attractive, which is strange as everything other function on the BlackBerry Z10 offers lovely visual touches such as the transparent effects when you swipe to unlock, giving the impression of sorting through a deck of cards.

The BlackBerry instant messaging service remains a serious tool as useful as ever, this latest version includes video calling too which works well over 3G or 4G connections. Simply put, the BlackBerry Z10 has a comprehensive instant-messaging package which is hard to beat.

This is a business orientated professional device which can also handle most of your browsing and social networking needs, unfortunately it’s just as expensive as handsets such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5, so is hard to recommend unless you are a Blackberry lover who loves messaging. Alternatives like the Google Nexus 4 are just as powerful with much of the same features plus of course lots more apps to download.

To compare BlackBerry Z10 deals click here. Then you will be whisked off to the home of mobile phone contracts for people with bad credit.

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Best smartphones of 2013

best phones 2013We are only into the first quarter of the year and 2013 has already seen the launch of several smartphones, some of which offer a sought after combination; impressive specs at a reasonable rate. We list out smartphones that have outdone expectations and managed to top the charts in the market:

For those of us with bad credit you will have to wait a while to get your hands on these phones as the acceptance rates will be very low for a while now. If you would like to see the very best bad credit mobile phone contracts on offer to you today then click here to visit You will have to wait for the phones below to have been out for at least six months before you should apply for them.

Sony Xperia Z

With the look of a regular 5 inch display size smartphone running Android, Sony Xperia Z comes off as a surprise if you look at the shatter-proof, water and dust resistant, IP57 certified body of the device and the 13 megapixel Exmor RS camera, apart from the usual features that most flagship smartphones deliver.


With the HTC One, users are being introduced to not only splendid sharpness of the 4.7 inch display and a stunning body design, but also a 8 megapixel ultrapixel camera with a 28 mm wide angle lens, which makes mobile photography a fine experience. Running on Android Jellybean, this device offers features such as BlinkFeed, HTC Zoe and Sense TV that add to its ease of use and make the device stand out in a sea of smartphones.

BlackBerry Z10

Powered by a dual-core Snapdragon processor, this smartphone runs on the BlackBerry 10 platform, RIM’s latest touch-centric Blackberry platform. Not only does the 4.2 inch device offer an excellent virtual keyboard, but the display is crisp, apps are aplenty and the 8 megapixel camera decent enough to work with.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Though the Galaxy S4 does not seem to be a lot different from the S3, it still comes across as a power packed device running on the Android platform, powered by a quad core processor, 5 inch display, 13 megapixel BSI camera and a host of features such as Smart Pause, Air View, Air Gesture, a built-in tracking system and so on.

All of the smartphones are available with carrier like EE, Three and Orange on monthly payment plans that extend over the duration of 2 years.

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Mobile Contracts to Look out for this Summer

S3-miniAre you looking for a great mobile contract for bad credit this summer? With the credit crunch taking its toll this year finding the perfect contract can be hard. So we thought we would highlight some of our favourite contract deals that currently on offer.

One of the most popular phones for people with bad credit has to be the Samsung SII Mini. This Little pocket phone brings you the very latest of Smartphone technology and connectivity all at a reduced cost. The Samsung S3 mini has received a number of positive reviews and is set to be this year best barging Smartphone. Its bigger brother is also one of the most popular phones in the world right now. People with bad credit can get the Samsung SIII mini from T-Mobile for only £21 per month with 100 minutes, 500 text, 1000mb internet and unlimited boosters on a 24 month contract. Just because this phone has mini in its title should not put you off. It still packs a 5 megapixel camera as well some very impressive processing power. This phone comes with Facebook and Twitter enable to keep you in touch with a number of apps available from Google play.

The other contract deal that’s making us smiles here Nokia Lumia 610. The Nokia Lumia 610 is also a phone perfect for you if you have bad credit. Just like the Samsung SIII Mini it packs a 5 megapixel camera and some impressive specifications.  It also supports the windows 8 phone interface making your homepage easier to personalise. Connect your Facebook feeds and Twitter feeds direct to your homepage. Pay monthly contracts for the Nokia Lumia 610 start from just £15.50 at T-mobile with 50 minutes, 250 texts and 1000mbs of internet. The reviews of this phone have been coming in thick and fast with most people talking about the great value for money this phone can offer you.

These are just a few phones available to you in the budget Smartphone market which is constantly growing. Watch out for latest budget Smartphone’s right here.

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Nokia 110, 111, 112, 113

Similarities between Nokia 110, 111, 112, 113 is so close that when you try to pick just one to talk about you end up writing about them all, it becomes confusing because they synonymous to each other. These phones are low cost phones designed to offer low cost internet access, entrainment and gaming, GPRS and other features of the modern phone market. This class of phones is designed to be a solution for younger consumers who need the hype associated with ‘Smartphone’s’ but cannot afford the high end phones from the high street. According to Nokia, this group of consumers has been referred to as ‘the next billion audience’ which are technology savvy but lack the resources to match their desire to be connected to the ever changing online world. In recognition of this, this series supports cloud based data crunching technology with Facebook and Twitter on the home screen. The Nokia 1 series are the cheapest Nokia phones and some boast supporting dual Sims.

The Nokia 110, 111, 112, 113 series comes with a big screen, rear camera, VGA and Bluetooth. The internal memory is 64 MB but can be expanded up to 32 GB using micro SD cards. The dual SIM technology makes it easy to swap SIMs and use them simultaneously depending on the network chosen. The Nokia 1 series offers a range of over 40 games which can be downloaded from the Nokia website and installed in the internal storage. with the features in this series coupled with the pricing, it sure that the next billion can be sure to have mobile phone connection while still enjoying the goodies Nokia 1 series comes with.

These phones are available now to buy SIM free from as low as £30. This is great for anyone looking to get a contract phone with no credit checks. These Smarter than average phones are great phones to team up with your chosen network SIM only contracts. SIM only contracts are a great way for you to get a contract if you don’t have the best of credit and they offer a range of discounted plans aimed at people looking to keep their monthly cost down, to learn more about SIM only contract read our SIM only guide available from our homepage. These phones don’t require you to pass any form of credit check so are great for people who are worried about companies checking their credit for any reason.

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4G Comes To The UK

For some time now, mobile phone operators and service providers have been offering 3G services but in the same time, there has been innovation going on behind the curtains. 3 G has consequently out stayed its time because it has been in existence for close to a decade. The successor, 4 G comes with a promise of high speed downloads picking up from where 3 G cannot stretch itself. 4 G or “fourth generation wireless” is a term which is used synonymous to Long Term Evolution (LTE). LTE technology offers high speed Internet downloads and uploads but can only be used with phones that have Internet capacity. 4G technology does not require any physical connection but instead uses signals similar to the wireless mobile technology from newly equip towers.

Now thanks to Everything Everywhere (EE) a company in charge of running Orange and T-Mobile, 4G comes to the UK. According to EE, 4 G LTE network is expected to run in over 16 cities in the UK by Christmas of 2012.  The laying out of the service is expected to bring some changes and EE hopes that by the same period, all T-Mobile and Orange customers will have migrated to the data network. The main advantage of the 4 G technology is that Internet can be accessed from any location with a web enabled device upto 5 times faster than 3G.

Most people are looking forward to 4G coming to the UK,  but there are also disadvantages that come with it such as the need for a 4 G phone to access the new coverage. This could in sometime reduce the value of current phones and reduce the demand for secondhand handsets and low end phones as more people will seek for 4G enabled phones such as the HTC Evo 4G or the Samsung TELLA. The technological change come with an extra cost to the service providers because they will be required to change and expand the value and services in order to continue being relevant this additional charge is most likely going to be covered by increased charges to the consumer.

The latest handset with 4G are sure to be some of the most wanted handsets over the next 12 months but are also sure to come with a high price tag and unavaliable to people looking for a contract phone for bad credit or a no credit check mobile contract. Which is bad news for people wanting to keep up with todays technology on a budget. So people with poor credit are the one set to loose out on this latest stage in mobile technology.

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Best Mobile Network to Apply with

One of the most frequently asked questions we get here at is which the best mobile network to apply to is. As we have stated in most of our other articles the best chance of being approved on a new mobile contract is to apply direct with the networks but which is the best network for you to apply to? Well in this article we aim to answer that for you by giving you the networks in order of their acceptance rates as well as a short review. This way you can make your own mind up of which network is best for you. We will give you a short review of all the current UK leading networks so you have a fair and honest representation of the networks today before you apply.

T-Mobile – T-Mobile is one of the largest UK networks and also has a globally known brand. Recently they have teamed up with Orange to increases their coverage in the UK and are soon to release 4G mobile coverage with Orange to the UK for the first time. T-Mobile also has the best acceptance rates for people with poor or adverse credit history. With a great range of new and old mobile handsets to choose from as well as a selection of SIM only contracts to meet anybody’s price range you are sure to find something to meet your needs. With T-Mobile’s current extensive UK coverage and 4G coverage coming soon means they are also a great choice for mobile broadband deals if you have bad credit. See T-Mobile deals now.

Orange – Orange mobile has a great customer service reputation and offers some great customer loyalty offers such as 241 on cinema tickets and food out. Pay monthly customers can also enjoy free calls to other Orange users using Orange magic numbers. Orange also has extensive UK coverage which is shared with T-Mobile to offer some of the best UK coverage. Orange has high acceptance rates for people with bad credit looking to get a mobile contract. If you’re looking to future proof your mobile contract then orange is your network as they have recently announced they will be launching 4G coverage very soon in the UK. See Orange deals now.

Three Mobile – Started life as a dedicated 3G network which made it stand out from the crowd with its amazing high speed mobile internet coverage throughout the UK. Today Three Mobile is also known for its amazing mobile deals. They offer some of the best and cheapest mobile contracts on the market. For people with bad credit they have the cheapest SIM only contract deal you will find. This means you are guaranteed to save money on your contract than if you go to any other network. See Three Mobile deals now.

Virgin – Virgin is a relatively new network to the market but is backed by a well known UK company. As a new network Virgin are currently recruiting more customers to build up their share of the market. This is great news for anyone struggling to get a mobile contract or have had previous poor history with some of the older networks. Virgin is very competitive with their deals so are always worth checking out. See Virgin deals now.

Vodafone – Is the largest network in the world so have some of the best industry knowledge available to them to make your user experience the best it can possible be. They also have possible the biggest selection of tariffs for you to choose from. However from our users experience Vodafone have a low acceptance rate for people with bad credit. So if your credit is not the best then you should consider applying with another network. See Vodafone deals now.

O2 – O2 are the best known mobile network in the UK.  O2 offers great deals to their customers no matter if you are a pay monthly customer or a pay as you go customer. O2 have stricter credit checks then other networks which makes them harder to get approved on but not impossible. Try O2 if you have already tried the rest of the networks and have not succeeded, apply for a SIM only contract for your best chance. See O2 deals now.

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Top 10 Tips for people with Bad Credit applying for a Mobile Phone Contract

We have put together a list of our top 10 tips for people with bad credit to use when they are applying for a mobile phone contract. These tips will help guide you on your application process so that you will have the best chance of being accepted on a mobile phone contract. People with bad credit need to make sure their application is the best it can be so they are the most important people that need to follow these tips to ensure a high acceptance rate with the networks. That being said these tips will also help any mobile phone applicant get that bit closer to obtaining the phone contract of their desire. So here are our top ten tips for bad credit phone applicants.

1.  Your choice of phone contracts from the very start will affect your acceptance rate. People with bad credit need to go for middle-of-the-road contracts to ensure that they are not refused a contract straight off. Aim for a pay monthly contract up to £30 no more.

2. Phones that are new to the market or phones that cost considerably more than others, such as the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S should be avoided. These phones cost the networks a lot of money to dish out and as such come with a lot of risk for the networks so acceptance rate are usually low for the best of applicants.

3. For the best acceptance rate you need to apply for a SIM Only deal. This might not be available to all people with bad credit as you need to own a phone already to use the SIM card. If you don’t own a phone you will have to buy a phone before you can use a SIM only.

4. You need to be careful where you apply for a mobile contract. Applying using a middle man like mobile retailers such as Phones4U or Carphone Warehouse means that there are additional costs for the networks to issues your contract. You should always apply direct with the networks.

5. The best network to apply with in the UK if you have bad credit is T-Mobile, Orange and Three Mobile. Remember make sure you apply direct.

6. Now that you have found the perfect contract that suits you and fits in with the above tips you need to complete the online application. This is just as important as finding the perfect contract. Make sure you have all your information ready to go. This can include bank details, your past 3-5 year addresses, a landline number.

7. When filling out your application you should write your name so that it matches the name on the account that you are going to use to pay for the contract. This is so that they know you are who you claim to be. A lot of people make the mistake of filling the form out with shorten names like “jim” for “James” or “Dan” for “Daniel”. This can cause your application to be rejected.

8. An increase of identity fraud has meant that now you can be asked for more information about your identity such as a national insurance number or a passport number. This is because of a number of overseas people defrauding UK networks.

9.  If you have recently applied for a mobile phone contract you should leave at least 2-3 week before you apply again. If you don’t it could look like you are trying to apply for multiply phones at the same time which networks frown upon.

10. If your application still fails your best chance is probably to get some to take the contract on for you. Such as a sibling, parent or partner.

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How Can I Get a Mobile Phone Contract If I have No Credit History?

If you are thinking about getting your first mobile contract then you will probably looking for some advice on how to successfully apply when you have no credit history. A lot of young people worry about getting their first contract as it is usually their first step into the world of credit checks and contracts. Which for an 18-25 year old can be some very scary terms to hear for the first time, but we can ensure you that it is not as scary as you may think and we are here to offer you our help and guidance. A lot of people thinking of getting a mobile phone for the first time start reading about credit scores and credit history and automatically think they have never had any credit or a credit card in their life. This makes them believe that because of this they don’t have any credit history but this is simply not the case. Your credit history is just how companies refer to your banking history, so if you have a current account or a saving account that you may have set up in earlier in your life then you have a credit history.

A credit score however is what your focus should be on, if you have never had to pay something on a regular basis or if you have not had a steady income over a few months your credit score could be low. A credit score is simply a number given to you by banks and credit agencies that represents your ability to pay certain levels of debt each month. If your credit history is pretty weak because you have never paid bills or received steady income your credit score will be low until you start doing this and making the payments. This doesn’t mean you can’t apply for a mobile contract but that you have to more conservative about the mobile contracts you do apply for. For instance you need to try to keep your monthly costs low so try and aim for contracts below £30 a month. You will also be restricted with the type of phones you can apply for, iPhones and newly released phones are usually not your best bet. Go for something that has been around for a few months. It is also probably best to apply to the networks direct, the networks with the highest acceptance rates are T-Mobile, Orange and Three Mobile.

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No Credit Check Mobiles – Why No credit check?

All contract phones require a credit check in some way or another. The reasons behind this are that the mobile phone company is giving away a £400 phone in the hope that you pay your bills on time.

By not credit checking customers other stores such as buy as you view, brighthouse will charge a much higher cost in interest or for the goods for sale. The reasons for charging more are that for every person who doesn’t pay their bills they have more than enough money to cover costs from its good customers.

If you wish to get a mobile phone contract but your credit score is lower than you would like then it may still be possible to get one. There are several tips to increase your chance of approval. The main thing to do is to check what your credit score is as it may not be as bad as you think.

Missing payments and occassional overdue notices may not impact your score greatly. If you have severe bad credit then you may be best getting a pay as you go handset and saving up for the ideal phone you want.

If you have looked at your credit score and are not sure whether you should apply for a new mobile contract then please consider the following:

– Sim only deals – Sim only contracts give you the benefits of the pay monthly pricing without the risk to the network. Paying this sort of bill on time may mean that the choosen network accepts you onto a full contract once you have paid the bill for a period of time.

– Applying directly to a network operator – By applying to a network you are able to get an instant decision as well as the chance to offer a security deposit or be referred for further questions about your application making for a higher chance of approval.

Further tips to come. Stay tuned!

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