IPhone 4S Review

iphone4sIphone 4s built a solid market the weekend it was released by selling more than one million units. But what does this Apple phone have to offer? IPhone 4S has a dual-core A5 CPU, improved camera, iOS with new 200 features and Siri.


Iphone 4s is slim and definitely has the looks.  It is 4.5-inch in height, 2.31-inch in width and 0.37-inch in thickness. Others may complain about its glass back makes; but it makes the phone beautiful.


Iphone 4S has a 3.5-inch touchscreen with a retina display of 960 x 640.  Seeing that its competitors have impressive AMOLED screens, it would have been nicer if the was at least 4 inch.  It would have attracted those who use their portable devices mainly for work related tasks.


IPhone comes with a touchscreen keyboard for accurate and easy typing particularly for those with small hands. You can zoom photos with a simple pinch or swipe or tap to execute tasks. Sadly, those with large fingers may find it hard to navigate the keyboard but may get used to it with time.

Video and Camera

4s hosts eight megapixel camera which shoots good quality pictures. Video quality is also of high grade, shooting at 1080p30-creating bright and clear mages.

If you have iPhone 4, upgrading to 4s will be worth it.  4s is currently the greatest that iPhone has to offer. Unfortunately, as soon as 4G network starts to dominate in the UK you may have no use for it because it is not 4G enabled.

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