Iphone 5s News

iphone5sDue to production difficulties, Apple’s iPhone 5S will ship at the end of September, with the supplies being pushed to the end of the autumn. Although largely resembling the iPhone 5, 5S is said to have notable upgrades: a new video mode – slow motion, higher megapixel camera, fingerprint sensor and the iOS 7 with a cleaner interface.

The first supposed photos of the 5S have revealed a golden version of the phone. One source has indeed confirmed one new color for this model. However, only the central part of the device is painted so, while the rest remains unchanged. No other changes in appearance are forecast, because Apple will work on the design only when the time of the iPhone 6 comes, in 2014.

Commercial times has claimed that Apple faced some last-minute changes as far as the 5S is concerned, which has caused the delay. The 5-inch display is being replaced with a more specious one, of 4.3 inches. The resolution is unlikely to change, but the technology behind the display can surely be upgraded. According to some rumors, the phone could even be launched with several different screen sizes. Besides the bigger screen, iPhone 5S will also have a superior processor – an A7. The hardware will benefit of a new operating system.

Production difficulties have also affected the launch of iPhone 5 the previous year. The long awaited low cost iPhone from Apple will be launched earlier in September. It will feature a plastic case available in many colors.

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