The UK has a wide selection of mobile networks for you to select from when your looking for a new mobile contract. However if you have bad credit or no credit your choices can be restricted. If you have bad credit the best networks for you to apply to are T-Mobile, Orange, Three Mobile and Virgin Mobile, this is because these networks have the highest acceptance rates for people with bad credit. You can always try to apply to O2 and Vodafone with bad credit but from our research they tend not to have the same level of acceptance as the other networks mentioned above. Below you will find an short review of all the network that accept people with bad credit as well as a direct link to the network application page. It is always best to apply direct with the networks to make sure you get the higest acceptance rate.


T-Mobile is a massive international mobile network with a strong presence in the UK. Globally T-Mobile provide services to 86 million customers. Of that 86 million, 17 million customers reside in the UK. T-Mobile have won a number of awards in the history of providing the UK with Mobile coverage. Most recently they have been awarded for their excellent mobile broadband services, this is due to teaming up their coverage with Orange Mobile to provide some of the UK best mobile coverage. T-Mobile has also proven to be the best network to apply to if you are worried about any credit problems in your past.

Apply Direct with T-Mobile

Orange Mobile

Orange Mobile is also another big player in the UK mobile industry. Recently T-Mobile and Orange have teamed up their mobile coverage in the UK to provide both their users with some of the best coverage from any network in the UK. Orange has won a number of awards including “best Network”, “best operator” and have been frequently ranked fist for being the No.1 telephone service for customer service. Orange has a great selection of phones and tariffs that are sure to suit many people needs. Orange provide varied tariffs aimed at your needs they have tariffs with unlimited text, unlimited data, high number of minutes and tariffs for international callers. Orange also have a high acceptance rate across the board for both their full contracts and SIM only contracts. So you can apply for your contract in confidence.

Apply Direct with Orange Mobile

Three Mobile

Three Mobile is the leading UK networks providing 3G coverage in the UK. Three Mobile have always been known for their discounted tariffs which has boosted their popularity since their launch. Today they have over 8 million customers and still leading the way when it comes to low cost contracts. Three Mobile now offer the the cheapest SIM only contracts on the market and have a great acceptance rate. You can get a SIM only contract from Three from £6.90 a month with 200 minuets, 500 text and 500mb of data. Three Mobile also give a great acceptance rate for contract with a phone, and many of the phones are free when taken out with a contract.

Apply Direct with Three Mobile

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile is the newest networks to the market and are currently growing their number of customers. Offering a great range of discounted tariffs to compete with the bigger networks and taking tariffs back to the basics, so that customers have a better understanding of what they are getting from their contracts has seen them grow rapidly. This makes them a great choice for people with bad credit as they are relatively new so have high acceptance rates and are great value for money. Virgin have a great rang of SIM only contracts with great acceptance rates for people who have no credit or have not had a mobile contract before.


Apply Direct with Virgin Mobile