Nokia Lumia 925 Review

lumia 925Nokia’s Lumia 925 is an improved version of their older phone handsets. It is slimmer, more ergonomic. Still, some say it is too wide to fit in most pockets. Its aluminum case is lightweight and very handsome. Its built-in camera takes excellent pictures in low light. It is at the top of their line except for the Lumia 1020, the only model Nokia has that tops the Lumia 925.

As with anything, there are pros and cons to the Nokia Lumia 925. Some of the pros include it slimmer, lighter design. It has the AMOLED high-quality screen. In addition, it comes with some awesome Nokia apps. However, users say the screen could be higher resolution for improved viewing. There is a whole list of cons users have indicated, including the size, already mentioned, which means it is too large to carry in a pocket. Though the software included is a pro, the huge amount of internal memory it consumes makes it a con as well. It does not have built-in wireless charging, though it can be obtained as an extra. It also cannot be expanded with a Micro SD card, so storage memory is limited. And, lastly, most users think it is unnecessarily expensive, however there are some great mobile phone deals out there, especially if you think your credit score may be an issue.

The Lumia 925 costs £470 without a SIM. It can be gotten for free from Vodafone, but only with an increased contract of 32GB at a charge of £34 per month.

Though this model is a quality one, for those who are really looking for an excellent camera built into their phone, they should wait for the Lumina 1020 to be released. It premium aluminum elements and quality finish make it near the look of the more expensive HTC One. Nokia further attempts to match the HTC One by limiting its colors of the Lumia 925 to the sophisticated white, black and gray. However, its sharp edges are another complaint about the body style. The camera for the Lumia 1020 is a whopping 41-megapixel. This puts it well above the 925, which is a downer for the 925 users, as they have only been at the top for six months, and will not be topped by the 1020.

The Lumia 925 has the ClearBlack filter for outdoor visibility, the Gorilla Glass 2 to resists scratches, and a highly sensitive touch screen for easy use. Its 4.5 inch WXGA screen has excellent resolution with 1280 x 768 pixels. All this combines to give it excellent viewing qualities in any light. All around, it is near perfection in SmartPhone technology.

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