Review of the Blackberry Q5

The Q5 is a step down from the Q10, but with similar dimensions. Both have a keyboard, but the Q5 keyboard is not as hefty as the Q10 and often leads to errors because the keys are smaller and have a lower profile, so it is harder to hit them accurately. They do light up, however. Since it comes with a two year contract for many users, it remains to be seen if they keyboard will last theblackberry q5 entire two years.

Like most mid-range androids, the Q5 has a 1.2 GHz dual core, 2 GB of Ram, and 8 GB of memory for internal storage. The main advantage to the Q5 is its price. It appeals to budget conscious users, which are often the younger buyers. It does not appeal to the executive group like the Q10 does. It has a 720×720 screen, but lacks some in clarity and brightness as compared to the Q10. It is configured for a single person’s viewing, but with the small size and the 4:3 ratio, it is not suitable for video viewing anyway. The picture would be way too small for even single-viewer use.

The battery lasts much longer than that or other Smartphones due to the low demand of the smaller screen. It will give a full eight hours of service if used sparingly. However, with heavy use, such as gaming or checking emails and messaging frequently, it won’t make it a full eight hours. The way the BlackBerry Hub works is a big negative in the eyes of most reviewers. It does cluster emails, and social media in one place, but it is not as easy to navigate as the pull down menus of other Smartphones. It requires a lot of scrolling to navigate through everything, and close attention to details.

The 2.0 GB of memory is double what most comparable Smartphones has. It has the same screen as the more expensive Q10. However, this is no where comparable to the touch screens of other Smartphones. When accustomed to the larger touch screens, it is easy to scroll right off the screen and accidentally close an app. This can get frustrating over time. Most reviewers felt that overall, the Q5 is not worth the higher price. The case is not really sturdy, and the SIM and battery are not accessible from the back. Combined with the smaller buttons, satisfaction was not really high for this phone. There are plenty more phones out there if you are looking to get phone contracts for bad credit, just make sure you shop around to get the best deal.

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