What Phones Are Worth the Most Money on Recycle Sites

rcmGiven the huge number of mobile phones and the speed at which new acquisitions occur, numerous recycle centers have sprung out across the UK. Most of these can be contacted online and they will provide all that one needs to send in their used device and obtain the cash.


The amount can vary, depending not only on the chosen recycling spot, but also on the mobile phone type. Each website allows users to make a check and see how much they could get for the model they hold, but it can be best to know beforehand what to expect. Customers are frequently interested on what gets to £100 and up. Here are the phones that will get you the most money when sent to recycling:


HTC Google Nexus One is the most valuable type and will get you between £180 and £230, depending on the facility you choose.


HTC Droid Incredible stands at £150 – £190 and the HTC HD2 model will cash in a slightly lower amount but still very close to this.


For Apple’s famous iPhone, more exactly the 3GS 32G, you will obtain a sum close to £150. The 3GS 16G regularly stands at £130.


Samsung phones will bring you earnings between £130 and £180 if you have the SGH-d980, SGH INNOV8 or the SGH-u900 Soul. There are also other Samsung phones that will be valued well, usually for amounts under £130 but still worth it: Samsung Omnia 2, SGH-f700, SPH M850, SGH i200. If you own a BlackBerry Storm or a BlackBerry Bold 9700, you can easily obtain over £120.


However, lists like this only represent a snapshot, as the prices are subject to constant fluctuations.

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